Women Writers Chapbook 4
Series Editor: Stanley H. Barkan

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Acknowledgment is due, with thanks, to the editors and publishers of the following publications wherein some of the poems in this chapbook first appeared: Abraxas, Croton Review, Footwork, Home Planet News, Lips, Louisville Review, Passaic Review, PCC Poetry Center Anthology, Portraits of Poets II, Trapani Nuova (Sicily), Waterways.

The CROSS-CULTURAL REVIEW WOMEN WRITERS CHAPBOOK SERIES focuses on women whose writing reflects their cultural heritage and/or matters of women’s concern. Wherever possible, the text is presented in part or complete bilingual format. This series is part of the CROSS-CULTURAL REVIEW SERIES OF WORLD LITERATURE AND ART IN SOUND, PRINT, AND MOTION, and is, thus, available in palm-sized and regular paperback and cloth binding editions, as well as audiocassette and videocasette. All submissions should be preceded by a query letter and accompanied by an S.A.S.E. All rights in copy matter will be treated as unconditionally assigned for publication to Cross-Cultural Communications, though copyright reverts to authors, translators, composers, graphic and performing artists upon publication.

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memory of Henrietta Ziegler .. . her strength … her candor

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